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Medicinal Cannabis Products

Our medicine from most effective cannabis genetics.

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Access to medicinal cannabis

Our medical education and cannabinoid clinics.

We grow innovation:
Medicinal Cannabis for Europe

Every patient in Europe has the right to access the best cannabinoid medicine.

We are committed to supplying our clients always with a reliable access to our high quality medicinal cannabis products.

HAPA medical brings together a professional team of experts from all relevant fields of cannabinoid medicine.

Our Vision

We want all European patients to have access to the full therapeutic potential of phytocannabinoids. We will support continuing research on all substances of the cannabis plant and will assist to understand medical mechanisms of cannabinoids and terpenes even better in the future. We are certain that we can create multiple effective pharmaceuticals through proper application of natural cannabis – we want to be a leader in this field.

Our products that we distribute in Europe are built only to the highest pharmaceutical standards. We and our suppliers set exceptionally high bars to our quality assurance and management systems: From cultivation to packaging and distribution.


Unique and natural quality through cannabis cultivation

We develop specific cannabis genetics for different medical conditions and requirements. We cultivate under highest agricultural production standards (EU-GAP) and security requirements in dedicated cannabis cultivation farms built exclusively for that purpose.


Adequate intake forms through cannabis oils, extracts and flowers.

The cannabis plant has far above 400 differents substances that have been subject to little research only. Main ingredients are the phytocannabinoids like CBD and THC. The plant also contains terpenes like myrcene, limonene and beta-caryophyllene. All these substances can be of therapeutic use.

We know today that the interaction of different phytocannabinoids and terpenes can be particularly effective for certain therapeutic approaches (Entourage-Effect). We prefer the pharmaceutical use of the entire cannabis plant to realize its full medical potential. We refuse the chemical synthesis of singular cannabinoids for medical application.

To make the best cannabinoid medicine available for different patients and medical conditions we offer not only dried cannabis flowers to vaporize but also extracts as well as oils for the oral consumption.


Access to cannabis through Cannabinoid clinics and medical education in cannabinology.

Often therapy with Cannabinoids is only a marginal topic in medical studies. As a matter of fact over many years of prohibition most doctors and physicians have never even treated with cannabis before. Thousands of patients have difficulties finding educated doctors that can offer medical cannabinoid consultations and therapeutic approaches.

It is our mission to support patients and doctors equally:
  • We want to enable doctors to prescribe cannabis profoundly, reliably and trustworthy.
  • We want to give patients access to doctors in specialized clinics that bring an extensive experience in Cannabinoid therapy.

Our Products

For patients

It is forbidden to advertise for cannabis in Europe and Germany in particular (according to Betäubungsmittelgesetz / controlled substances legislation). Thus, we are not allowed to provide information on our products to patients. If you have questions to active ingredients or therapeutic application options of our products, please consult your attending physician or pharmacist.

For pharmacists, doctors, physicians and pharmaceutical wholesalers

You can assess our product information via a password protected access page. Here you can find extensive information to all our available products and are able announce requests for orders.