Innovation Cannabis

The Cannabis plant has provided humankind with food, fibre, and medicine for over 12.000 years. Today, after many years of prohibition we rediscover the healing powers of the plant

The rehabilitation of cannabis as medicine

More and more countries legalize cannabis for its medical application. These include for example Canada, Israel, Australia, Chile and Columbia as well countries in the European Union such as Finland, Italy, Greece and Germany.

Multiple applicabilities

Cannabinoids can have anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, analgetic and anti-spastic effects and can potentially applied for multiple medical conditions and indications. The potential scope of application ranges from behavioral disorders like ADHD over pain treatment for chronic or neuropathic pain indications to severe diseases like brain tumors or HIV. An introductory overview of possible applications you can find here (in German):

Hundreds of scientific studies proof effectiveness of Cannabis

Extensive research scientifically proved the benefits of cannabis as medicine.